Thomas Bradford

My Résumé


Berlin, Germany


I design and develop software

About Me

I'm one of the people who was working on the NoSQL movement years before it had a name. We knew the relational model was not a panacea and were dedicated to a post-relational world. My early contributions to that world were the Apache Xindice and dbXML Native XML databases.

These days I fiddle mostly in the area of query and programming languages.


Yeah, I've had some


Lots! Over 25 years, doing all sorts of different things like Database Internals, Query Languages & Secure Messaging

Languages and Frameworks

Does it matter? They'll just be obsolete in six months anyway


Yeah, I've got some of those, but who cares? They're worthless


Yeah, I've got one of those. Please refer to the previous section regarding whether or not I care

Current Status

Director of Engineering at Blacklane

Current Projects

A Lisp Interpreter Experiment (Written in Go)

A Programming Language (Patterns & Guards & Joins, Oh My!)

A+ Promises and Deferreds à la Twisted

Other Stuff

I record a bunch of Shitty Music, from which you should protect your ears

Contact Me

Email: thom at kode4food it

Twitter: @kode4food